Metallic Design Christmas Cards


These cards couldn't be simpler: all you need is a gold and silver pen, and some imagination! Make sure you work in a well ventilated room and remind children not to work too closely to the pens.

You will need:

Card blanks
Gold and silver pens
Gold and silver embellishments, if you like

Younger children might like to plan out a design in pencil first. We did our designs straight onto the card blanks and thought a little bit of wobbliness added to the charm! Keep your patterns and designs simple for a striking effect. Add gel stickers, glitter or dabs of glitter glue for a 3D effect or to highlight some areas, if you wish.


This card uses a mixture of gold and silver pen to great effect!

This card uses just silver pen.

We added a gel sticker to the top of this card to give a 3D effect.

For this card we started with a rectangle of metallic green paper, onto which we drew a very simple Christmas tree shape with silver metallic pen. We then added a self-adhesive "gem" and small dabs of pearlescent glitter glue. Leave the glitter glue to dry at least overnight! This was one of our favourite cards.


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