Mini Chest of Drawers


Here is a chance to turn all those un-recyclable fruit juice cartons into an attractive and useful gift. This chest of drawers can be an excellent desk tidy, or very useful in the workroom as storage for screws and nails. This is a craft that involves a bit of adult preparation but when this is done even the youngest child can achieve an impressive result.

miniature chest of drawers craft

To make your mini chest of drawers you will need:

4 ‘Tetrapak’ cartons (eg long-life fruit juice, UHT Milk cartons)
White glue
Old magazines
Acrylic varnish (optional)


Remove any plastic fittings from the cartons. Rinse and let dry.

Make a hole with the scissors in the side panel of one of the cartons and cut out. This will form the ‘chest’ of the chest of drawers.

To make the drawers; measure a distance from the base of one carton equal to the depth of the carton.

Draw a line around the carton at this height and cut along it to make your drawer. From one end of the drawer cut out a piece about ½ an inch high so the drawer can be opened.

Use this drawer to measure and cut out another two drawers.
You now have a chest of drawers ready to decorate.

Paint the drawers in different colours and leave to dry.

Cover the outside of the ‘chest’ with glue and cover with pictures ripped from old magazines. When completely covered paint with another coat of glue to seal any loose edges.

If you wish, the chest of drawers can be made more hardwearing by painting with a coat of varnish.


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