Mini Chinese Lantern Chain


This mini Chinese Lantern Chain is very quick and easy for kids to make, and as you can see from our photo, it looks absolutely spectacular! A great way to brighten up your home or classroom for Chinese New Year!

Chinese Lantern Chain
Our Chinese lantern chain

You will need:

A4 sheets of pink, orange and red paper
Glue (or stapler)
String to hang


Fold a sheet of paper in half along the length. Cut a strip about 1 inch (2cm) wide from the edge. You will end up with two strips. Put them on one side for your handles.

Cut along the fold.

Taking one half of the paper, fold in half along the width. Cut snips along the fold to about 1 inch from the paper edge. When you have snipped all the way along the paper edge, unfold the paper and bend it into a cylinder. Glue or staple to secure.

Glue or staple on a handle from one of the strips of paper (use a different colour).

Make the second bit of paper into another lantern.

Repeat with more sheets of paper until you have lots of lanterns!

Thread some string through the handles and hang. You may need to put a small piece of sticky tape to secure each lantern in place, depending on how tight your string is.


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