Miniature Zen Garden Craft


Here is an unusual craft idea for a Japanese theme. It also makes a great gift for someone who needs a calming influence - perfect for Father's Day!

zen garden

A Japanese Zen garden is traditionally a rock garden made up of just rocks and sand, although plants may be used. Patterns are made in the sand to represent rippling water. Zen gardens are supposed to be peaceful, serene places.

Miniature gardens are often placed on desks to promote a sense of peace. Our simple-to-make miniature version would make an excellent gift for father’s day or teacher appreciation week.

To make your own miniature garden you will need:

A small box (we used a chocolate box)
Sand (playpit sand is perfect) or fine gravel
A fork

Fill your box halfway to the rim with sand. Use your fork to draw a pattern in the sand. Arrange your pebbles. Fine gravel can be used instead of sand.


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