Model Schoolhouse Craft

Raid the junk drawer to make this fun model schoolhouse. It makes a great "back to school" craft for kids!

Model schoolhouse craft

You will need:

A juice/milk carton and a box
Red, yellow, white and black paper
White (PVA) glue


Stick the box and carton together to form your school house shape.

Water down the glue slightly. Rip up the red paper, dip in the glue and cover the school house. Leave to dry.

Cut two rectangles of black paper - one for the roof of the school house and one for the roof of the tower. Fold in half and glue in place.

Cut two windows from white paper, a door from black and a bell from yellow and glue on to the school house. Add any other decoration that you like - perhaps ask your child to draw some children at the windows?

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