Modelling Clay Monster


This modelling clay monster craft is a great craft idea for little ones, because anything goes!

Modelling clay monster - Ben's

You will need:

Self-hardening or other modelling clay in different colours
Crafty bits and pieces such as googly eyes to decorate


We can't really provide instructions for this monster craft - because your monster can be whatever you can imagine! Your child might want a bit of guidance ("What colour is your monster's head?" "How many arms is he going to have?") or they might have a very clear idea of what they are going to create.

If you use the right sort of clay, the hardened monster can make a really fun fridge magnet or brooch/pin. Just glue the appropriate fixing to the back when it is completely hardened. Otherwise, just put your monster on display!


  • You could ask your child to make the monster a particular colour or shape.
  • Write down directions for your child to follow when making the monster.
  • Copy your favourite monster from a book or film.
  • Older kids could try designing and drawing their monster before making him. How accurate was the planning process?
  • Write a story about the finished monster.
  • Turn your monster into a keyring (if you think he is stuck together
    well enough!)


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