Mole Puppet

Here's a cute pop-up mole puppet that kids can make with craft cupboard ingredients. Fun to make and fun to play with - and less of a nuisance than a real mole!

Mole Puppet

You will need:

Paper cup
Brown paint
Black card
Pink card
Popsicle stick
Wiggle eye


Paint the cup brown and leave to dry.

Make a hole in the bottom of the cup just big enough for the popsicle stick to slide through.

Cut a mole shape from black card, using our photos for inspiration. Decorate with a pink nose and pink feet and a wiggle eye.

Stick the mole to your popsicle stick. Make sure it is stuck firmly!

Poke the stick through the bottom of the cup so that the mole sits inside. By moving your stick the mole can pop in and out of his hole.

Mole puppet on lolly stick
Here's our mole puppet, on the lolly stick

Mole puppet - about to disappear
And here's our mole puppet, about to disappear into his hole!

Mole puppet - gone underground!

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