Monkey Door Hanger Craft


This little monkey is a great way to mark your child's territory - and he'll be even more appreciated if your child makes the door hanger themselves!

Monkey Door Hanger Craft

You will need:

Our template
Craft foam in 3 colours - you could use brown and cream for a more realistic monkey or your favourite colours like we did for fun
Sticky foam letters
Fabric/craft foam glue
Small black button
Black permanent marker pen
Wiggle eyes


Using our template, cut the body and head from one colour of foam and the face from a different colour.

Glue the face onto the head and the head on to the body.

Draw on a mouth with the permanent marker. Glue on the button for a nose and the wiggle eyes.

Cut a rectangle from the third colour of craft foam and glue it to the hands and bottom of the face.

Use the foam letters to add a message to the rectangle.


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