Monkey Magnet


We used a large yoghurt pot lid for the "face" of our monkey magnet, and he looks so happy and cheerful on the fridge that I think he might stay there for a while! This could be a fun party craft as long as you had collected enough lids for all the children. Do the painting at the beginning of the party and give the lids a chance to dry, then come back to cut and stick the rest after the party meal.

Monkey Magnet craft

You will need:

Plastic lid (ours came from a large yoghurt pot)
Brown acrylic paint
Brown card
Paper in different shades of brown/cream
Sticky eyes
Black marker pen


Paint the lid brown and leave to dry.

Cut a heart shape for the face from paper and glue to the front of the plate.

Cut an oval for the nose from a different colour paper and draw on a nose and mouth. Stick on to the face. Add the sticky eyes.

Cut 2 semi-circles for ears from brown card and 2 smaller ones from cream paper. Glue the cream onto the brown semi-circles to make your ears and glue to the back of the edge of the lid.

Stick the magnet to the back of the lid.


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