Monster Lacing Cards

Two adorable monster lacing cards to print out for little kids to lace or sew - these are so cute you might want to laminate them so that they can be used again and again! Once printed, cut out and then punch holes around the edges, evenly spaced. Click the links beneath the images to access the pdf files.

Blue monster lacing card

Blue Monster Lacing Card

This gorgeous blue monster lacing card is sure to appeal to the kids! Just print out onto card, cut out carefully, laminate if you wish, then punch a series of holes evenly around the edges for your child to sew or lace.

Pink monster lacing card

Pink Monster Lacing Card

Don't you love the evil grin on this pink monster lacing card? Print him out onto card, cut out and punch holes around the edges for your child to lace - lots of monster fun!

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