Learn all about Morocco with the children! Travel with us to northwest Africa, to a land of snow-capped mountains, beautiful beaches and desert sand dunes. Here you’ll find ancient cities full of mosques and traditional markets selling spices, textiles, pottery and leatherware. The explore our collection of resources to back up what you've learned.

Morocco - ancient city

A Little Geography…

  • Morocco borders Algeria and Mauritania, as well as the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. It has an area of about 446,000 square kilometres.
  • The country is separated from the rest of Africa by the natural landscape of the Atlas Mountains and the Sahara Desert. The highest peak is Mount Toubkal at 4,165 metres.
  • Morocco has a population of around 32 million people. The capital is Rabat but the largest city is Casablanca. Another famous city is Marrakesh. The official languages are Arabic and Berber, although French and Spanish are commonly spoken.
  • Morocco is one of the world’s largest producers of phosphates (used in fertilisers and other chemicals). Other important exports include clothing, fish, fruits and vegetables. Tourism is also a major industry.

A Little History…

  • The Berber people have lived in the Moroccan region for over 4,000 years. They now make up about half of the country’s population and tend to live in rural areas.
  • In the 7th and 8th centuries, the Arabs invaded Morocco. They now make up the other half of the population, and mainly live in towns and cities. The Arabs brought their Islamic religion as well as a rich and varied culture.
  • In 1912, Morocco fell under French control, but after World War II the Moroccans wanted to regain power. The people rebelled and in 1956, Morocco was granted independence from France.
  • Morocco is led by a monarch and governed by a democratic system. The same family has reigned since 1649. The current king is Mohammed VI.

And Some Interesting Facts…

  • The border between Morocco and Algeria has been closed since 1994. This is because the two countries disagree on many political issues.
  • Morocco is famous for its traditional foods, such as couscous (a type of grain), tagine (a type of stew), and sweet mint tea. Tourists love to sample these flavours between sightseeing, and perhaps a spot of camel trekking!
  • The country’s flag is red, with a green star in the middle. The red is said to represent strength and bravery, while the green star is associated with Islam.

The Moroccan Flag

Morocco Flag Printables

Red is a symbolic colour in Morocco, representing the descent of the royal family from the Prophet Muhammad. There is a green five-pointed star in the centre with black borders.

Our Morocco Resources

Morocco On Map Of Africa

Morocco On Map Of Africa

This simplified outline map shows children the position and scale of Morocco relative to its surroundings.

Morocco Worksheet

Morocco Worksheet

This worksheet, aimed at younger children, asks them to find out and record a few interesting facts about Morocco.

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