Mouse may be familiar already - it is certainly an old favourite from my childhood. It can be enjoyed by any number and age of child and needs nothing but a scrap of paper, a pencil and a die (or you can use our optional printable sheet). Download our printable below if you wish.


Number recognition
Pencil control

One die
Printable sheet (optional)
Pencil and paper

How to play

The aim of the game is to be the first to complete a Mouse. Each roll of the die enables a particular body part to be drawn as follows:

6 = body
5 = nose
4 = whiskers
3 = eyes
2 - ears
1 = tail

The body must be drawn before the other body parts are added to it, so players must therefore roll a 6 to start. Once the body has been drawn, the other parts of the mouse may be added in any order. If you roll a number which relates to a part you have already added, you miss your go and pass the die on.

Younger children may like to trace their mouse using the printable page provided.

Older children may find it useful to have one copy of the Mouse! printout in the middle of the table as a reminder for which body part relates to which number on the die.

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Mouse printable


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