Nekhbet Pendant Craft

Nekhbet was the vulture goddess of Ancient Egypt. She was patron of the Pharaoh's and they often wore jewellery with her image. Kids can make their own pendant as we show below.

Nekhbet pendant craft by Sarah and Sam
Nekhbet pendant craft by Sarah and Sam

You will need:

Red, blue and gold polymer clay
Wool, cord or string
pasta tubes
Red, blue and gold paint.


Shape the body of the vulture from blue clay, using our photos to help.

Nekhbet pendant craft detail

Add a gold head and claws.

In each claw add a red circle. This is the shen symbol the symbol of infinity.

Decorate the vulture with scraps of red and gold clay.

Make a hole in each wing and bake according to the instructions on the clay packet.

In the meantime, paint your pasta tubes red, blue and gold.

Tie one end of a piece of cord to one of the wings. Thread your pasta beads onto the cord and tie the other end of the cord to the other wing.

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