Wildlife Conservation, Halloween Story Writing.. and More

11th October 2018
This week we've been looking at Wildlife Conservation, inspired by learning about Jane Goodall and her amazing relationship with chimpanzees. We've also been having lots of fun with Halloween creative writing ideas - and more. 
Scroll down to find out what's new over the last week...
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What's New?
This week we've been learning about Jane Goodall and her remarkable achievements...
This week we've been learning about Jane Goodall
...and adding to our chimpanzees collection...
Adding to our chimpanzees collection
...and starting a new Wildlife Conservation page.
A new wildlife conservation page
Deck the halls at home or at school with our new Diwali bunting printables!
Decorate with our new Diwali bunting printables
We've added new Halloween cupcake printables - an easy way to dress up your cupcakes for Halloween!
New Halloween cupcake printables
There are new story character worksheets for Halloween writing projects...
Story character worksheets for Halloween writing projects
...and we hope to inspire some spooky stories with the help of our new Halloween creative writing collection.
New Halloween creative writing collection
We've also started a sensory poems collection with these seasonal sensory poem printables (more coming soon)
Starting a sensory poems collection
Sarah has been thinking about crafting with groups and came up with four lovely new autumn leaf craft ideas. Of course you don't need a group to enjoy them!
Guest Post - Four new autumn leaf craft  ideas
Shelly and her kids had a monster drawing and crafting session, inspired by some of our "complete the picture" printables. The results are spectacular!
Guest post - a monster drawing and crafting session!
We've added 4 new flowers of the Commonwealth colouring pages - for Jamaica, Kenya, Kiribati and Lesotho ...
4 new flowers of the Commonwealth colouring pages
... and that means we've also added fun new resources for learning about Jamaica, Kenya, Kiribati and Lesotho too.
Fun new resources for learning about Jamaica, Kenya, Kiribati and Lesotho too.
Have You Seen?
Just some of our mazes for Halloween. More on the website.
Just some of our Halloween mazes
One of my favourite collections - our Halloween doodle pages. For imaginative drawing, colouring and writing!
Just some of our Halloween mazes
A Little Something ...
I came across this the other day, and loved it...
"Be honest. Be kind. See the funny side. Exercise. Laugh. Lighten up. Have the difficult conversations and do the difficult jobs. Don’t run away. Speak your mind quietly, clearly and respectfully. People are not mind-readers. Spit it out. Work hard and enjoy it. Take pride and satisfaction in your abilities, they are greater than you think. Have confidence. Go for the big things – why not? What’s the worst that can happen? Failure won’t kill you.
Say no. Say yes. See the good in people, don’t judge. Listen, understand, forgive. Have fun. Be patient. Nothing is forever. Cherish the day and cherish the people in your life – you are so lucky to have them. Be humble: you’re no better than anyone else and no worse either. We’re all trying our best, we’re all the same, really. Love with all your heart and learn from everything.
When things are hard, know that it will pass and none of it matters that much anyway. You’re just a little dot passing through, so make the most of it. Sing, dance, look at the sky and be grateful. If in doubt, tidy up and make a plan – sometimes it helps to get out of your head and get practical. Most importantly, though, have a cup of tea (or glass of wine) and remember this: You’re doing great. You really are."

Marianne Power (from Help Me! One Woman's Quest To Find Out If Self-Help Really Can Change Her Life)
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Lindsay Small

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