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18th October 2018
This week we've really gone to town on upcoming "holidays" Halloween and Mexico's Day of the Dead. I didn't know anything about Day of the Dead until we started our new collection, and I've found learning about the festival, its origins and how it is celebrated fascinating. I hope you enjoy our new activities as much as we have enjoyed putting them together.
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What's New?
We've been adding to our collection of Halloween bookmarks with these latest witchy ones!
Adding to our collection of Halloween bookmarks
Learn Halloween spellings and vocab with these lovely new jigsaws and worksheets
Learn Halloween spellings and vocab with these lovely new jigsaws and worksheets
These new Halloween match up puzzles are bright and colourful and perfect for younger children!
These new Halloween match up puzzles are bright and colourful and perfect for younger children!
Enjoy some fun new Halloween games - including tic tac toe, boxes, bingo, card games and trick or treat board games!
Fun new Halloween games!
Shelly's kids make a fabulous crafty Halloween display - lots of great ideas here!
Shelly's kids make a fabulous crafty Halloween display
We've created 3 really exciting new Day of the Dead crafts ...
3 new Day of the Dead crafts
...and added 5 new Day of the Dead puzzles ...
5 new Day of the Dead puzzles
New Day of the Dead tracing pages
4 new Day of the Dead handwriting worksheets
Rita's girls enjoy doodling with our Doodle Pattern Tiles - perfect for odd moments, for calming down, or for travel.
Guest Post - Doodling with our Doodle Pattern Tiles
We've topped up our useful sensory poem planning sheets for autumn and winter holidays
Sensory poem planning sheets for autumn and winter holidays
We've also been learning about Henry VIII and his exploits, advisers and wives!
We've been learning about Henry VIII and his exploits, advisers and wives!
Also Added This Week...
A Little Something ...
I was looking to see if I could find a way to remember the Kings and Queens of England, and found this!
Willie, Willie, Harry, Steve, 
Harry, Dick, John, Harry Three, 
Edward One, Two, Three, Dick Two, 
Henry Four, Five, Six, then who? 
Edward Four, Five, Dick the Bad, 
Harry's twain and Ned, the lad. 
Mary, Lizzie, James the Vain, 
Charlie, Charlie, James again. 
William and Mary, Anne o'Gloria, 
Four Georges, William and Victoria. 
Edward Seven, Georgie Five, 
Edward, George and Liz (alive).
Coming Up Soon ...

31st October: Halloween

2nd November: Day of the Dead

5th November: Bonfire Night

7th November: Diwali

11th November: Remembrance Day

11th November: Remembrance Sunday

15th November: Steve Irwin Day

22nd November: Thanksgiving

30th November: St Andrew's Day

1st December: Advent

2nd - 10th December: Hanukkah

25th December: Christmas

26th December: Kwanzaa


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Lindsay Small

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