Diwali, Halloween, Bonfire Night & Lots of Colouring!

Thursday 19th October
Happy Diwali! You can jump straight to our Diwali activities here.
It's been a busy week for us (we've hit a big landmark too as you will see below) and this is an extra-long newsletter as a result! We've added to our Diwali, Halloween and Bonfire Night collections, topped up our animal dot to dots, published colouring pages for younger children and older children (or adults) and celebrated brothers and sisters! Shelly takes a look at learning with the help of our word searches, word scrambles and crossword puzzles in this week's guest post. And our famous person of the week is the fascinating Alexander the Great.
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Celebrating a Big Number!
We watched the ticker climb up and over - and it's now official ... we have over 25,000 Activity Village printables on the website for members today!
25,000 printable activities for members
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What's New at Activity Village ...
New Bhaiya Dooj activities for brothers and sisters
New Bhaiya Dooj activities for brothers and sisters
New photograhic posters for Diwali displays and conversations
Celebrating brothers and sisters for Bhaiya-Dooj, and just because we love them...
Celebrating brothers and sisters for Bhaiya-Dooj, and just because we love them...
Celebrating brothers and sisters for Bhaiya-Dooj, and just because we love them...
Fun new bat numbers and alphabet for Halloween
A fun way to practise times tables this Halloween
Adding to our Halloween vocabulary printables
More Halloween frames for writing and drawing projects
More Halloween frames for writing and drawing projects
New Halloween word tracing pages for beginners - fun to cut out and laminate!
New Halloween word tracing pages for beginners
New activities for Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot
Topping up our British Wildlife dot to dots
A big set of new boys and girls colouring pages for younger kids
A big set of new boys and girls colouring pages for younger kids
2 lovely new colouring quote pages and cards - Just Breathe and Home Sweet Home
2 lovely new colouring quote pages and cards
Learn about Alexander the Great, his conquests and his legacy
Learn about Alexander the Great, his conquests and his legacy
This Week's Guest Post
In Shelly's latest guest blog post she shares how our word searches, word scrambles and crossword puzzles have been useful in helping both her children with letters, reading and spellings...
Learning with word searches, word scrambles and crossword puzzles
A Little Something ...
Father and Son
by Edgar Guest 

Be more than his dad, 
Be a chum to the lad; 
Be a part of his life 
Every hour of the day; 
Find time to talk with him, 
Take time to walk with him, 
Share in his studies 
And share in his play; 
Take him to places, 
To ball games and races, 
Teach him the things 
That you want him to know; 
Don't live apart from him, 
Don't keep your heart from him, 
Be his best comrade, 
He's needing you so! 
Never neglect him, 
Though young, still respect him, 
Hear his opinions 
With patience and pride; 
Show him his error, 
But be not a terror, 
Grim-visaged and fearful, 
When he's at your side. 
Know what his thoughts are, 
Know what his sports are, 
Know all his playmates, 
It's easy to learn to; 
Be such a father 
That when troubles gather 
You'll be the first one 
For counsel, he'll turn to. 
You can inspire him 
With courage, and fire him 
Hot with ambition 
For deeds that are good; 
He'll not betray you 
Nor illy repay you 
If you have taught him 
The things that you should. 
Father and son 
Must in all things be one -- 
Partners in trouble 
And comrades in joy. 
More than a dad 
Was the best pal you had; 
Be such a chum 
As you knew, to your boy. 
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19th October: Diwali

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11th November: Remembrance Day

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15th November: Steve Irwin Day

23rd November: Thanksgiving

30th November: St Andrew's Day

1st December: Advent

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