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30th August 2018
This week we are full of calendars and planners - for the year ahead and for home ed / homeschool planning too. We continue our tour of the Commonwealth, get lost in a bundle of school mazes, try some size sorting, play Sarah's football tournament game (genius!) and lots more.
And last but not least, Shelly's guest post this week has some great ideas for an All About Me topic with the kids. Explore below!
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What's New?
For those of you who start planning early, we've just added our 2019 planner pages to the website.
2019 Planner Pages
Sort by size order and by "big" and "small" with these pretty new size sorting activities with a weather theme.
Sort by size order and by "big" and "small" with these pretty new size sorting activities with a weather theme.
Grandparents' Day is coming up soon. Stay in touch with these lovely new Grandparents' Day cards!
Grandparents' Day is coming up soon. Stay in touch with these lovely cards!
Those of you who have enjoyed Sarah's World Cup football tournament game over the years will be very pleased to hear that she has turned her hand to a new football tournament game which can be played year round, year in and year out! 
New football tournament game for footie mad kids!
Great for "back to school" but fun for any time, really, these two new packs of school themed mazes include 10 mazes each, starting easy and working up progressively until they are very hard indeed.
2 new packs of school-themed mazes
We've added to our collection of school scrapbook paper designs
Adding to our collection of school scrapbook paper designs
Learn all about our Famous Person of the Week - Alexander Fleming
Famous person of the week - Alexander Fleming
We've been adding to our collection of home education planners with a big range of termly planning pages...
Adding to our collection of home education planners with termly planning pages
... and these useful planning pages (some perfect for home, library and classroom use too)
New useful home education planners
Our tour of the Commonwealth takes us first to Brunei this week ...
Learning about Brunei
and we've also been learning about Cameroon.
Learning about Cameroon
That means we have two new colouring pages of the national flowers of Commonwealthcountries too, perfect for adults or older kids to colour. Featuring Brunei's simpur and Cameroon's red stinkwood (prettier than its name!)
Two new flowers of the Commonwealth to colour
Have You Seen?
Extra cute Kokeshi Doll activities!
This Week's Guest Post
Shelly's guest post features some great ideas in action for an "All About Me" post, including "things that make me happy", descriptive words, measurements, family tree and our kids' passport...
Guest Post - Ideas for an All About Me topic
Something A Little Different ...
A third week of riddles to share with the kids. 
1. How high do you have to count before you can see the letter A in the spelling of the number?
2. There is an ancient invention still used in some parts of the world today that allows people to see through walls. What is it?
3. How do you make the number one disappear by adding to it?
4. What is the only question you can't answer yes to?
5. What comes first, chicken or egg?
6. There are several books on a bookshelf. If one book is the 4th from the left and 6th from the right, how many books are on the shelf?
7. What goes up and never comes down?
8. What word of the following list is the odd one out.
         cat hat sat bat rat splat fat or flat
Activity Village - Keeping Kids Busy
1. One thousand.
2. A window.
3. Add a G to make "gone".
4. Are you dead? (if you are!)
5. Chicken - in the dictionary!
6. Nine. Try making a sketch to see how it works.
7. Your age.
8. Or - it doesn't end in "at".
Coming Up Soon ...

​​​​​​​August / September: Back to School

​​​​​​​August / September: Not Back to School​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​2nd September- Father's Day (Australia and New Zealand)

9th September: Grandparent's Day (US)

13th September: Roald Dahl Day

19th September: Talk Like A Pirate Day

21st September: Peace Day

September / October - Harvest Festival

4th October: World Animal Day

7th October: Grandparent's Day (UK)

8th October: Canadian Thanksgiving

8th October: Columbus Day

8th - 14th October: National Libraries Week (UK)

31st October: Halloween


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