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Cruise ship exploring one of Norway's beautiful fjords
Cruise ship exploring one of Norway's beautiful fjords

Learn about Norway

  • The Kingdom of Norway is a mountainous northern European country, which has a long and jagged coastline running from the North Sea to the Arctic Circle..
  • Norway's first King was a viking called Harald. Norwegian Vikings settled across the northern islands, founding cities such as Dublin.
  • Norway has had a union with Denmark for over 400 years and also had union with Sweden before declaring independence in 1905.
  • Oslo, the capital city, is home to 500,000. It was was once called Christiana after King Christian IV of Denmark.
  • Norway is called 'the land of the midnight sun', because the sun does not set in the extreme north of the country during the summer. You can play golf all night at the the Lofoten Island Golf Links!
  • The indigenous Sami people from Finnmark in the north speak their own language and make a living from herding reindeer and fishing. They even have their own parliament.
  • Soignéfjord is Norway's longest and deepest fjord. Cruise ship visitors marvel at the 1000m high cliff.
  • Bergen, on the west coast, was the largest Scandinavian city in the 17th century. It is very wet and rains about 240 days a year due to the mountains.
  • Norway's law allows access to any land considered unfenced. You may camp anywhere in forests, mountains and the countryside if your tent is over 150 metres from houses. You are even allowed to pick wild flowers, berries and mushrooms!
  • Famous Norwegians include composer Edvard Grieg, explorer Roald Amundsen, the first man to reach the South Pole, and artist Edvard Munch.
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