Number Squares

You will need coloured counters, a die and a copy of the board below to play this game - which will give your child lots of practice at easy addition.

Each player has a stack of counters of one colour. Throw the die once, remember the number in your head, and throw again. Add the two numbers together and look for the result on the board. If it hasn't been covered already, you can put your counter on it. 

When all the numbers are covered, count up to see who has the most counters and declare a winner.

Obviously this game can be adapted in many ways for older children. Perhaps you could involve the kids in making their own game board, using numbers up to 12 (use 2 die) or 18 (use 3 die) and so on. Or you can buy specialty dice to increase the range of the game further.

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Number squares game board

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