Numbers to 20

In this section we introduce the numbers 11 to 20 and the number words eleven to twenty, as well as the corresponding ordinal numbers. We introduce skills to help children count larger numbers - such as counting on from 10, and counting in two's and five's. We also begin to compare and order numbers up to twenty, have fun with number patterns, and build on the addition and substraction skills we learned in the previous section, Numbers to 10.

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Counting to 20
Help your children learn the numbers from 11 to 20 by repetition, fun games and challenges, and...
Number Symbols 11 to 20
Help children recognise the number symbols for numbers 11 to 20 with our collection of number...
Counting on from 10
In this section we revise numbers 1 to 10 and then move on to counting to twenty, getting plenty of...
Number Words to 20
In this section we provide a variety of printables to help children learn to write the number words...
More Practice 11 to 20
Pull together the counting skills, number symbols and number words that the children have learned...
Comparing Numbers up to 20
As the number of objects gets larger, it can become harder for children to recognise which of two...
Number Patterns
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Ordering Numbers to 20
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Fact Families to 20
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