Olympic Medal Chart


You can use this medal chart to keep track of the top scoring countries (in which case you will need to print out the appropriate flags). However, we think it works better if you choose 5 or 6 "favourite" countries and track their progress through the Olympic Games.

You will need:

Large sheet of card
Card flags (either use our flag printables or our flag colouring pages)
Medal printouts on card
Scraps of card (use the excess from the card and medal printables)
Glue stick
Sticky tack

Olympic medal chart


Cut out one each of the medals and glue these to the top of your large sheet of card (as you can see in the photo above).

Print and cut out your chosen flags and stick these down the side of your chart with sticky tack. Use the scraps of card left over to cut out lots of small rectangles. Write numbers on them, and keep plenty spare so you can add extra numbers as you need them. Alternatively, if you have access to a laminator, laminate the rectangles and use a dry-wipe pen to keep score.

Arrange the rectangles as shown above, and attach to your chart with sticky tack.

At the end of the Olympic Games, re-arrange the flags so that the country with the most gold medals is at the top of the chart and the other countries are placed in the correct order below it. If two countries have the same number of gold, look at the silver. If the number of silver medals are the same look at the bronze..

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