Opening Ceremony Silhouette


This Olympic craft idea can be adapted to suit the age of your kids. We've used an old painting technique to create the dramatic background, and cut out a fairly detailed silhouette of athletes carrying their country's flag. For younger children, make your silhouette much simpler or cut it out yourself while they concentrate on creating the backing!

Opening Ceremony Silhouette

You will need:

Coloured card
Bright paint
Black card


Make sure your surface is covered in old newspaper or similar. Squirt swirls and spodges of brightly coloured paint onto one half of the card, then fold it in half and press. Open up to check that you are happy with your background, and leave to dry.

Draw an outline for your silhouette on to the black card - you could use one of our Olympic colouring pages as inspiration - and then cut out carefully.

Glue the silhoutte on to the coloured background.


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