Origami Birds


We have all sorts of origami birds here, and we are adding more all the time! You will find instructions for the traditional "peace" crane, an owl ("realistic" and more appropriate for older kids) and some of the cutest origami penguins you will find!

Ideas for using these origami birds:

  • Make a greetings card... dress them up with ribbon, bows, accessories, backing paper as appropriate
  • Tape them to a wooden spoon or a chopstick and use as puppets
  • Create a farm or zoo scene, sticking the models to a large piece of paper and drawing in the background
  • Make a mobile or hanging by stringing the models up with thread
  • Turn into a fridge magnet to give as a home-made gift
  • Fold a mini animal and use as a pencil topper
  • Stick to a strip of card to make a bookmark - another cute gift idea
  • Use as "pieces" in a home made board game
  • Decorate a notice board at home or at school
  • Jazz up your breakfast boiled egg by adding an origami animal with double sided sticky tape
  • Make adult and "baby" birds by using different sizes of origami paper
Origami Dove

Origami Dove

This origami (or kirigami) dove is easy to fold, but needs a few simple cuts with a pair of scissors. It makes a very pretty decoration for a table or mantelpiece, looks lovely in a mobile, or hanging on a Christmas tree. We have made ours using a semi-transparent handmade paper.

Origami Owl

Origami Owl

This is a more complicated origami owl model, suitable for older children and folders with a little experience. The owl has a realistic, 3D head. The model starts with the traditional origami bird base.

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Origami Animals
Origami Animals

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