Origami Booklet

Watch our video of Tilly making this easy origami booklet or download the printable instructions below.

Origami Booklet
  • Our comic book is made out the back of a recycled envelope!
  • Make miniature books for your dolls or fairies
  • Make a cover out of card and staple on, if you wish
  • Try some of the many printable booklets available on the website
  • Use scrap paper from your printer to make little booklets to use as shopping lists, to do lists, vocab books, spelling books etc
  • Great for using in scrapbooks and lapbooks!

NB: When using our printable booklets, keep the printed side of the paper face up. I find it easiest to fold the booklets if I keep the "front page" at the top right hand side of the paper.
Describing the process is harder than actually folding the booklet - just give it a go!

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