Origami Packets Advent Calendar


This origami advent calendar is made by folding 24 little origami cones, flattening them, and tying them closed with a ribbon. Mounted on a board they look absolutely stunning and can of course be matched to your decor or decorations (or your child’s interests) and filled with whatever goodies you like! Children will love looking for the right packet each day and pulling open the ribbon to find out what is inside...

Origami Advent Calendar

Please note: The origami packet is based on our Origami Cone.

Origami advent calendar
When you have filled your packets and tied them up, write the numbers 1-24 on the front and mount them in random order on a large piece of card.

We've stuck to our red and white Christmas colours, but these can look even more exciting for little kids if you use up scraps of last year's Christmas gift wrap and ribbon. And of course the children will enjoy helping you to create the advent calendar too.

Ideas for filling your home-made advent calendars

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Origami packets advent calendar instructions


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