Outdoor Rangoli


Sarah and Jack really enjoyed this outdoor rangoli craft, and I think you will agree that the result was lovely to look at. I should warn you, however, that they found that the path was stained for quite a while (perhaps permanently) so please make sure you have permission before you attempt this yourself! You may want to paint your design onto a large, movable paving stone instead of directly onto the ground.

Jack's outdoor rangoli
Jack's finished rangoli - beautiful!

You will need:

Food colouring (in a number of colours)
Plain flour
Long rule
Thick paint brush
Area of yard or garden path

Use your ruler to draw out a grid of dots, as close together (for intricate designs) or as far apart as you like. In our outdoor rangoli, we used a grid 50cm by 50cm with 5cm intervals.

Outdoor rangoli design
Jack's design drawn with chalk on the driveway

Now draw on your design with the chalk (perhaps sketching it out first on our grid paper). As before, younger children may need a design drawn for them to colour.

Mix together half a cup of flour with a few drops of food colouring and a little water until it forms a paste about the texture of PVA (white) glue. Repeat for each colour of food colouring that you are using. Use your pastes to paint your design.

Outdoor rangoli in progress
Jack painting his rangoli design


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