Ox Worksheets

Just a few worksheets with an ox theme - but we hope that they will be useful, perhaps for a farm theme or for Year of the Ox children.

Ox Finger Tracing

Ox Finger Tracing

This ox worksheet has a nice easy word for children to trace with their finger or a pencil.

Ox Handwriting Worksheet

Ox Handwriting Worksheet

You don't see the word ox on handwriting worksheets very often! We thought this one would be great for Chinese New Year!

Ox Maths Facts Colouring Page

Ox Maths Facts Colouring Page

Colour in this cute picture of a bull or ox, but only when each little sum has been solved to give the correct colour!

Ox story paper

Ox Story Paper

Kids can colour in this cute little ox and then use our story paper for some creative writing.

Ox Tracing Worksheet

Ox Word Tracing

A short word, but a good one! You'll have plenty of time after tracing to colour in the ox on this worksheet.

Ox worksheet

Ox Worksheet

Use this little ox worksheet as an excuse to find out some facts about oxen. Available in colour or black and white.

Ox writing page

Ox Writing Page

Write a story about an ox, find out some facts and record them on this paper, or perhaps use it for an Asian farm theme?

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