Painted Candle Craft


We made our candle to celebrate Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights, but you could make Christmas or Halloween candles in exactly the same way. They would also make a lovely hand made gift.

painted candle craft for kids

Safety Note: this craft involves melting wax so requires adult supervision. You may also want to cover your surfaces as it can get messy!

You will need:

A plain candle
Old/cheap paintbrushes (one for each colour you plan to use)
A large pan
A heatproof bowl
An old wooden spoon


Fill the pan one third full with water and place on a gentle heat. Put the bowl in the pan, making sure it doesnÂ’t touch the bottom of the pan.

Put about ½ a crayon (remembering to remove the paper) into the bowl and stir with the wooden spoon until it melts. Remove the bowl from the pan and stand on something heatproof. Paint the candle with the wax (be very careful as the wax and the bowl will both be hot!)

Wash out the bowl and repeat with another colour until you are happy with your candle. You will find that the brushes set hard so you will need a new one for each colour.

Remember that candles should only be lit by adults!


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