Painted Wellies


Get creative with our painted wellies! This is a lovely way to update old Wellingtons and would be a nice way to personalise ‘hand-me-downs’. The result is not permanent. Designs can be removed whenever you want with nail varnish remover or will chip off after about a month. Enjoy changing the design ... every month you can have a new pair of wellies!

Painted wellies

You will need:

Plain Wellingtons
Different shades of nail varnish


Cover your work surface well. Lay the boots on their side. Decorate with one colour of varnish, being as creative as you like.

Leave to dry for at least 5 minutes.

Turn over and finish your design on the other side. Leave to dry for another 5 minutes.

Repeat with other colour varnishes until you are happy with your design.

NB: Please do this craft in a well ventilated room!


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