Pair of Hand Warmers

Let children practice their sewing skills to produce this practical gift! While this craft will require some adult supervision, all that is needed is a simple blanket stitch that even the young children can try (ours was done by Jack age 5).

Jack's handwarmer

You will need:

2 rectangles of thick fabric, such as corduroy, 20cm by 10cm (use pinking shears to cut to minimize fraying)
Embroidery thread
Uncooked rice

Take one of the rectangles of fabric and fold in half (with the right side of fabric to the outside). Sew around two of the sides with blanket stitch, so you end up with a pocket. Fill the pocket with the rice and sew the remaining side closed.

To warm, heat in the microwave. An adult should test how long to heat them for. Ours take 45 seconds each.

They retain the heat for some time so are perfect to pop into your pocket before a winter walk.

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