Panda Bag Craft


Here's an easy sewing project for kids - who will be thrilled to show off such a cute and useful bag as the finished result!

Panda bag craft, home made felt panda bag

You will need:

White felt
Black felt
Black and white thread
Fabric glue
Wiggle eyes


Cut two circles from white felt to be the face and the main part of the bag. We drew around a saucer.

Cut two smaller circles of black card felt lay them on one of the white circles where you want the eyes to go.

Cut two larger circles of black felt and lay them where you want the ears to go.

Cut a nose from black felt and position it in place.

When you are happy with the placement, use black thread and backstitch to embroider the bears mouth.

Take off the black felt pieces - you will glue them on at a later stage. (Obviously, if you prefer you could stitch on all the black felt pieces which form the panda's face and ears).

Lay the white felt circles one on top of each other. Cut two lengths of ribbon and place the ends between the two circles to make handles.

Using running stitch, sew 2/3 of the way around the white circles securing the ribbon in place as you go.

Use fabric glue to stick the black felt pieces in position.

To finish stick a wiggle eye into the middle of each

Panda bag closeup


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