Paper Cup Pilgrim Boy


Isn't this little fellow cute? A perfect kids craft for Thanksgiving, you can display your pilgrim boy or use him as a table decoration or perhaps to hold a place card. He's a little tricky to make, so this craft is probably best for older kids (or younger kids will lots of help). And of course you could make a pilgrim girl too!

Paper Cup Pilgrim Boy

You will need:

Polystyrene ball
Paper cup
Pink paint
Black paint
Wiggle eyes
Scraps of black, brown, white, pink and gold card or craft foam
Pink pen


Paint the ball pink and the cup black and leave to dry. Glue the ball to the bottom of the cup.

Make a collar by cutting two white rectangles from card or foam and gluing these along at the neck. Make a belt from a strip of brown card or foam, glued around the middle of the cup and finished off with a gold card buckle.

Cut two arms from black card or foam and two hands from pink. Glue one hand to the end of each arm and the other ends of the arms to the body. Finish off with a rectangle of white card next to the hands as the cuffs.

Glue on some wool as hair.

Cut two hats from the black card. Glue around the edge of one hat (making sure you leave the bottom free) and stick the two hats together.

Cut a band from brown card and a buckle from gold and glue these to the front of your card. Pop the hat onto your Pilgrim’s head (you may need a bit of tape to help it stay in place).

Finally, add two eyes and draw on a face.

Paper cup pilgrim girl craft
Paper cup pilgrim girl

Paper cup Indian chief
Paper cup Indian chief


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