Paper Plate Mayflower Craft


This is a simple craft idea for making an old fashioned sailing ship or Mayflower, using a paper plate and some lolly sticks. You can make two ships from one paper plate.

Paper Plate Mayflower Craft

You will need:

Paper plate
Brown paint
Lolly sticks
Sticky tape
White paper
Glue (optional)


Paint the plate brown and leave to dry.

Cut the plate in half to make two semi-circles. Now cut another slice off the bottom, using our photo as a guide.

Tape 3 lolly sticks to the back of the plate.

Paper plate Mayflower, detail

Cut 3 rectangles from white paper. You can simply glue the paper rectangles to the sticks for the sails if you like. We first folded the sails in half and cut small slits at the top and bottom, then threaded the sticks through these slits.


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