Paper Plate Ox

Here's a fun way to make an Ox for Chinese New Year! This ox makes a super wall display. You could mount him onto a large piece of red paper, as red is a lucky Chinese colour.

Paper plate ox

You will need:

A small paper plate
A large paper plate
Brown paint
Brown card
Cream card


Paint the paper plates brown and leave to dry.

Glue the plates together along the rim, using our photo as a guide. The small plate is the head, and the large is the body.

Cut four rectangles of card and glue these along the back of the large plate to make the ox's legs.

Cut a large oval from cream card as your nose and two cream horns. Glue the horns and nose to the face.

Draw on the ox's two nostrils with the black pen, as well as two eyes and a mouth.

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