Paper Plate Snake Mobile


Paint and decorate a paper plate before magically transforming it with a pair or scissors into this paper plate snake mobile! This is always a popular craft with younger children.

paper plate snake

You will need:

Paper plate
Wool (yarn) to hang


  • Paint both sides of the paper plate.
  • Draw on a spiral, using our photo as inspiration.
  • Decorate the plate with the stickers.
  • Draw a face on the circle in the centre of the spiral.
  • Carefully cut along the line of the spiral.
  • Make a hole in the head of the snake, thread through a length of wool and secure with a knot.
  • Use the wool to hang the snake.

Paper plate snake mobile hanging
Here's our snake mobile hanging

Paper plate mobile - Sam
And here's Sam enjoying watching it twirl! It was hard to capture on camera!


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