Paper Plate Spider Web


This paper plate spider web is just the thing when you have a pompom spider which needs a spooky perch! Younger kids in particular will enjoy the lacing activity.

Paper plate spider web

You will need:

A paper plate
Black paint
String or wool
Hole punch


Paint the back of the plate black and leave to dry, then cut out the middle of the plate. Punch holes evenly all around the edge.

Cut a length of wool. Tie to one of the holes and then weave through others to make a pattern. When you are close to the end, tie to a hole and cut of the excess. Tie on a new piece of wool and repeat until you are happy with your web. It is easier to use several smaller pieces of wool so the ends will not fray.

Paper plate spider web detail
Here's what it looks like without the spider!

Pompom spider
Don't forget to make a pompom spider to sit in your web!


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