Papier Mache Mask for Mardi Gras


You'll need to start a few days in advance with this to give the mask time to dry, but I think you'll agree that the effect can be spectacular and a worthwhile craft for Mardi Gras!

Papier Mache Mask for Mardi Gras

You will need:

A balloon
Glue (for the Papier Mache we used slightly watered down white glue but you could use wallpaper paste for a stronger finish)
Paint (we used white to make a base but you could use any colour – why not try one of the Mardi Gras colours of green, purple or gold)
Sequins and other sparkly bits


Blow up the balloon until it is about the size of your head.

Rip up your newspaper into small strips. Dip the strips into glue and stick them to the balloon. Cover half the balloon with paper and build up until it is three or four layers thick.

Hang up the balloon to dry (this will take a few days).

Pop the balloon. Trim the rough edges of the mask.

Hold the mask to your face and work out where the eyes should go. Ask an adult to cut two eye holes for you. Level with the eye holes, ask your adult to make a hole on either side of the mask.

Paint your mask and leave to dry.

Decorate your mask with sequins, glitter, feathers and anything else you have.

Tie a piece of elastic through the holes on either side of the mask, and wear with pride!


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