Patriotic Snack Pot


Here's a Patriotic Snack Pot kids craft for Fourth of July - fun to paint and useful for picnics and parties, too!

Patriotic Snack Pot
Patriotic snack pot - fill it with popcorn or treats for picnics and parties!

You will need:

Paper cup
Red, white and blue paint
(Optional white paper and a star craft punch)


Paint the bottom of your cup white and the top blue. Leave to dry. Paint some red stripes onto the white area of the cup. Obviously if you are starting with a white cup, your job is a little easier and quicker!

Either paint some white stars onto the blue area, or punch some out of white paper and glue them on to the cup.

Fill your snack pot up with popcorn or treats and take it to the picnic or party!

Patriotic snack pot


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