Pencil Door Hanger


This pencil door hanger is an easy kids craft using craft cupboard supplies, but it looks great! Great for Back To School or anytime.

Pencil Door Hanger craft

You will need:

4 craft sticks (ideally coloured)
Optional paint
Craft foam in light brown or pink, black and any other colour
Double sided tape
Sticky letters


Lay the 4 craft sticks side by side. Using the width of the sticks as your guide cut a triangle from light brown or pink foam and a rectangle from another colour.

Use double sided tape to attach the triangle to one end of the sticks and rectangle to the other. Turn over and you will see a pencil shape.

Cut a tiny triangle of black and stick to the top of the triangle as the nib.

Tape a loop of ribbon to the back.

Add a message with sticky letters.

Variation – use only 3 sticks and leave off the loop to make a bookmark.

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