Penguin Mask Craft


Here's a quick and easy paper plate penguin mask craft for little kids, fun for winter. Or dress your penguin up for Christmas with a red bow tie or ribbon!

Penguin mask craft

You will need:

Two paper plates
Yellow card or paper


Paint the back of one of the paper plates and leave to dry.

Meanwhile, draw a smaller circle inside the second paper plate and cut it away, then cut a rounded notch in one side of the plate, like the top of a heart, using our photo as a guide.

Glue the two paper plates together, and stick on a triangle cut out of yellow paper or card for the nose.

Carefully use the point of the scissors to punch through two holes for eyes, and trim them out into oval shapes.

If you want to wear your mask, use the point of the scissors or a skewer to make a small hole on either side of the black plate, and thread elastic through to fit your head.


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