Penny For The Guy Craft


Making your own Guy used to be an essential part of Bonfire Night, and children used to wheel their efforts around town in an old pram or pushchair, or even a supermarket trolley. They would ask for a "penny" with which to buy sweets or sparklers. The Guy was then often thrown onto the bonfire in the evening! Even though these traditions have long died out, you can still have fun making your own "Guy" for Bonfire Night!

Penny For The Guy Craft

You will need:

Old hooded top
Old trousers (or ideally dungarees)
Needle and thread (if using trousers)
Paper bag


Scrunch the sheets of newspaper into balls and use them the stuff the top and trousers. If using trousers roughly stitch the top and bottoms together (dungarees will just need fastening around the top). Sit up your Guy and add any extra padding you think he needs.

Draw a face on the paper bag and stuff it with newspaper, leaving room to tie the string around the bottom so it forms the neck.

Push the neck into the top of the body and pull up the hood to hold the head in place. Display your Guy with pride!


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