Personalised File

Make a special box in which to keep your best pieces of work this school year. If you have a class mascot why not take inspiration from them to make your box unique and special to this school year.

You will need:

A plain box file
PVA (white) glue
Pictures (can be drawings, colourings, cut-outs from comics or photographs)

Chose some pictures to decorate the lid of the box file. These could be photographs of your child in school uniform, or magazine cut-outs of favourite characters, or anything else that takes your fancy.

Jack belongs to a home school co-op called Seahorses so we took our inspiration from this and printed and coloured a seahorse and a seashell. We then cut out a seabed and Jack’s name from coloured paper to complete our undersea world.

The scene was glued to the top of the box and a layer of glue was painted over the whole lid to seal the picture.

If you have any brothers or sisters, it may be an idea to add your name to the side of the box in the same way. This will make it easier to find on the shelf.

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