Pharaoh's Headdress


Dress up as Pharaoh by making this pharaoh's headdress craft for kids. Great for an Ancient Egypt theme or perhaps for Bible studies.

Pharaoh's headdress craft modelled by Sam
Pharaoh's headdress craft modelled by Sam

You will need:

Gold card
Blue paper
Our template (below)


Cut a band of gold card about 5cm wide and long enough to wrap around your head.

Pharaoh's headdress craft - detail

Either enlarging our template on a photocopier or using our photo (above) as a guide, draw an outline of a headdress shape onto gold card. Cut out and staple to the centre of the gold band.

Pharaoh's headdress

Cut strips of blue paper and glue them around the headdress as in the picture (above). Trim off any overhanging edges.

Make a snake from a gold card body and a blue paper head and glue to the top of the headdress.

Bend the card band around your head and staple the ends to make it fit.

Pharaoh's Beard

Sam also made a beard by cutting a long, thin beard shape from black foam. He punched a small hole on either side, tied through some elastic and wore with pride!

Pharaoh's beard

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Headdress template


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