Pick Their Brains

I'm not going to lie - the idea of this game makes me feel quite squeamish! But if your children are the gruesome sort, they may well enjoy it...

Pick Their Brains

Cook a large pot of different shaped pasta such as spirals or macaroni. Drain and cool completely. Place cooled pasta in a large plastic bowl and add a few olives. Then add some wrapped candies or treats like mini fun sized chocolate bars.

Cover the bowl with material that you’ve cut into a decorative shape like a pumpkin or monsters head, or use a scary cloth or rubber mask that  you don't mind cutting in to. Once the bowl is covered, cut a slit which is just large enough for the children to put their hands through, no larger: they should not be able to see the contents of the bowl.

Sit the kids in a circle and let them take turns digging into the bowl to find the candies. They won’t be able to see into the bowl and the icky texture of the pasta along with the olives will feel like brains!

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