Pin The Tail On The Donkey


This classic game has been played in many variations at countless children's parties over the years, and remains a firm favourite. Choose a theme that your particular group of children will love.

Pin The Tail On The Donkey

Age: 4+

You will need:

A pin board
A large piece of cardboard or paper, or a poster
A "tail" made of pieces of wool tied together, or drawn and cut out on card
Drawing pins
A blindfold

Draw a donkey on your card - as big as possible - and attach the card to the pin board. Hang or prop it up at child-height so that the children can reach it easily.

Blindfold a child, turn them round three times, then lead them so that they stand just in front of the pin board, and put the "tail" in their hand, with the drawing pin already attached. The child pushes the "tail" into the pin board in what they think is the right position. The blindfold is removed and a tiny circle drawn for the position of the drawing pin, and the child's initials written nearby.

When everybody has had a go and a few laughs, the child who was closest to the correct position is declared the winner.


Find a poster, or draw, your child's favourite character, or perhaps a large clown's face or celebrity's face. Invent something appropriate instead of a "tail" such as a moustache or a wart! You can also use an inanimate object such as a house or school (you could provide a "teacher" and try to place her at the front door).

Ask the party child to come up with an idea for the pin board in advance - you might be surprised!

Some children don't like to wear a blindfold. If you have one of these kids at your party, appoint them the official in charge of writing initials, or tying the blindfold.

For younger children you could use sticky-tack or even sticky-tape to attach the "tail".


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