Pirate Puzzles


Have some fun with these pirate puzzles - perfect for odd moments, for pirate parties, for Talk Like A Pirate Day - and just because!

Complete the Pirate Picture Puzzles
Complete the pirate pictures by carefully copying the illustration on the right over to the missing...
Pirate Dot to Dots
Lots NEW! Have some fun with our pirate dot to dot puzzles. Reveal the pictures while practising...
Pirate Grid Copy Puzzles
Grid copy puzzles are fun to do - a great way to pass some extra time - and they develop all sorts...
Pirate Mazes
The kids will enjoy helping these dastardly pirates find their hidden treasure! We've provided...
Pirate Word Puzzles
Pirate word searches, pirate word scrambles, pirate word wheels, pirate crosswords ... there's...

More Pirate Shenanigans!

Talk Like A Pirate Day
Talk Like A Pirate Day

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