Yo ho ho, me hearties! Come and explore our new pirate topic, full of all sorts of fun activities for the kids including a huge collection of pirate colouring pages for all ages, posters, party printables, learn to draw tutorials, story paper and much, much more! Click the links below to find out what we have here at Activity Village - and check back again soon because we are still building this topic and will be adding more exciting printables over the next couple of weeks.

Pirates for Kids at Activity Village

Pirate Colouring Pages
All NEW! Whether you are looking for a pirate colouring page for a toddler or a teenager - or...
Pirate Colouring Cards
All NEW! These pirate-themed colouring cards are perfect for when the kids want to make something...
Pirate Printables
All NEW! We've got a really fun and diverse collection of pirate printables for you here at...
Pirate Puzzles
All NEW! Have some fun with these pirate puzzles - perfect for odd moments, for pirate parties, for...
Pirate Worksheets
All NEW! Download story paper for all ages featuring famous pirates and general pirate-themed...
Talk Like a Pirate Day
All NEW! Ahoy There Me Hearties! Did you know that Talk Like A Pirate Day is held on 19th September...
Famous Pirates
We often talk about pirates with children as if they were all storybook Captain Hook-like grumpy...

More to Explore

Pirates and parrots have always gone well together ... so why not have a look at our parrot activities, too?



Pirate Videos to Enjoy

We've had such fun collecting together these pirate videos for you - and there are some really good ones here! Please remember that children shouldn't browse video sharing sites unsupervised, and that Activity Village is not responsible for any of the video content, which was checked at the time of adding here.

Sing along to this karaoke version of A Pirate's Life for Me

We are the Pirates! A fun song for younger children.

Can you Talk Like a Pirate? I can, now that I've learned this song!

I love this one! The story (song) of Blackbeard, Bluebeard and Redbeard. Wonderful, clever lyrics that will appeal to the adults, too.

Practice your pirate laugh with this fun Pirate Song!

Learn a fun dance with this video - So You Want to be a Pirate

Here's one for the littlest ones. "If You Want to be a Pirate ..."

Skullabones Island - Story time

Penguins Make Bad Pirates - Story time

My Granny is a Pirate - Story time


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