Playing Dice Games with Children


Here is a collection of tips and tricks to help you enjoy our suggestions for dice games all the more!

Playing Dice Games with Children

Adapting dice:
You can easily adapt existing dice with stickers if you can’t find just what you are looking for, or make your own dice from scratch with blanks (available from educational suppliers). Cover each surface with clear contact paper for more permanence, or add a light coat of varnish. Wooden cubes (find them at craft stores) can also be used.

Containers for dice:
If you use your imagination and keep your eyes open you can find all sorts of fun containers for your dice collection! Small plastic candy containers (some come in bright plastic tubes with attached lids), film canisters, potato crisp cans, spice containers, washing tablet bags, drawstring bags, little boxes, re-sealable bags, and pencil cases are just a few examples. Encourage your children to decorate their own small papier-mâché or wooden “blank” box (available from craft shops) with paint, glitter, sequins and other “treasure” and use it for storing favourite dice.

Sometimes using a shaker can be fun. You could buy the traditional leather version - which wear wonderfully with age - but plastic cups and mugs, empty potato crisp cans and even an empty yoghurt tub can make good alternatives.

Noise control:
A piece of felt makes a great surface for dice games which can easily be folded, stored or carried around. For home use you could line an old wooden tray with felt and contain the dice too! Or go the whole hog and paint a wooden tray with blackboard paint, then line one half with felt. Roll the dice in the felt half and score with chalk on the other!

Travelling dice:
Use a small box or plastic tub: cut out a hole in the top and line it with a see-through piece of plastic. Throw in some dice, attach the top (using elastic bands if necessary) and you have a perfect travelling container. It’s good for preventing cheating too!

Advance planning:
Print up a stack of our print-outs and package them in sheet-protectors and a file ready for road-trips and rainy day blues. Take them with you to the doctor’s office, beach or restaurant and you won’t find waiting such a problem! Sheet protectors also turn any print-out into an easy write-on-wipe-off surface without the use of a laminator contact paper. You can also “pre-package” a game for a journey by storing all the necessary equipment and print-outs in a small re-sealable bag.

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