Polymer Clay Owl


Sam made this little polymer clay owl with four different colours of clay and some simple clay techniques. Very cute!

Polymer clay owl

You will need:

Polymer clay in brown, cream, orange and black


  • Roll a ball of brown clay, then squash it very slightly so that it sits flat on the table.
  • Make a small circle of cream clay and press it on to the ball of brown for the owl's tummy. With a blunt pen, make wavy lines across the cream circle.
  • Make two wing shapes from brown clay. Press them on to the ball so they overlap the cream circle slightly.
  • Now make a slightly smaller brown ball and press on top of the first ball to make a head.
  • Make an orange beak and two black eyes and press them onto the head.
  • Bake according to the manufacturing instructions.

Polymer clay owl detail


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