Pom Pom Christmas Tree Card


This pom pom Christmas tree card is so simple to make, but younger kids will enjoy the arranging the sticking! Our pom poms are very carefully arranged! If you want the same effect you could mark a dot where each pom pom should be glued - but if you are tackling the craft with toddlers, it is probably more fun to go with whatever they enjoy. You could use tweezers to pick up the pompoms and dip them in the glue to work on hand and finger control if you like.

Pom Pom Christmas Tree Card

You will need:


Fold a piece of white A4 card in half.

Select your Christmas tree template and cut out a tree in green paper or green card.

Glue the green tree onto your white card.

Decorate the tree with craft pom poms.

We added a small star at the top of our tree but you could always draw a star on or use another of your pom poms to top the tree off.


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